Atlantic Business Partners

Startup founded by senior executives and engineers with impeccable track record of setting up and running multimillion dollar business for leading global companies.

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Agile and Nimble

Ideal for a startup world. We understand the importance of getting things done “Now”.

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Right mix of Local and Global talent

Our proven model provides the best of both worlds – Local teams for tasks requiring “Face Time” and Global Talent for optimized operation.

No size is too small for us

We are a startup ourselves and clearly understand the importance of starting small and winning big. We partner with you irrespective of the scale of operation, contract value or location.

Providing industry best practices

Certified professionals and global and local talent that hitherto only big corporations had access to. We understand the scale of startup does not make it attractive for big corporations.

Any stage of development

We have a flexible model of engagement, from being the founding member of your team to augmenting staff, we can be brought in anytime of your convenience.

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